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Today 7 out of 10 Americans used social media as a way to stay connected with friends, share information and entertain themselves. 

It’s is more important than ever that businesses maintain an active and engaging social media presence on the social media channels their customers spend the majority of their time. 

More and more today, home service customers turn to social media when looking for a recommendation for work on their homes. We’re as once a person might call up a trusted friend for an option on who to seek a quote for a new HVAC system or which company can be trusted to repair their existing system without trying to sell them a new one, today its quite common to post to Facebook your need for a referral and then sit back as host of friends, family and acquaintance provide their options on who deserves their business. More often than not, it is the companies that are most visible on social media that 

With HVAC Guru, we take the guesswork out of your companies social media marketing efforts. Good social media marketing walks a fine line between creating content that is fun and engaging and content that is promotional in nature. 

HVAC Guru expertly crafts social content for your business to meet your short-term (leads) and long-term (brand preference) goals. 

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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